I was a wedding coordinator in Bali for four and a half years, working on about 100 weddings a year.

On my days off, one of my favorite things to do was to go for a healing massage.

Balinese massage is not only a traditional technique, but also has the effect of hand healing, where the sacred energy in the hands works on the tiredness of the body and soul.

I was captivated by its charm and decided to become a therapist because

I wanted to heal people with my own hands, so I obtained a diploma in Balinese massage accredited by Indonesian government.

When I returned to Tokyo, I worked in relaxation salons and on private home massage, achieving a 76% repeat rate.

I obtained a Diploma in Body and Facial beauty Therapist accredited by the Japan Esthetics Association.

Currently, I am now in Belgium as I got married. I run a relaxation salon.

My massage is to release muscle tension with firm pressure and lead to deep relaxation.

It would be a pleasure to heal you and make you feel better and happy.


◆Balinese massage accredited by Indonesian government

◆Body and Facial beauty Therapist accredited by the Japan Esthetics Association

◆Certified by ARCH ANGEL◆
Ciel Shinto α Therapy Instructor
Facial Professional Course
Holistic Therapy Facial Course